Boat Storage South Lake Tahoe


boat storage in south lake tahoe ca

At Lake Tahoe Boat Company, we understand the importance of boat storage. Our proximity to Lake Tahoe makes it convenient for customers to locate us and access our boat storage services. We offer 1 acre of storage, and our facility features the latest security system to ensure maximum safety for your boat.

With Lake Tahoe Boat Company, you will never have to worry about the safety of your boat as we have professionals who will see to it that your boat is well-protected from the elements, and any other situation that can cause damage to your boat while it’s not in use.

We offer a gated boatyard where you can safely and securely store your boat while not in use. Lake Tahoe Boat Company is your best bet for the most affordable boat storage services in South Lake Tahoe.



If you have any boat storage needs within the vicinity of Lake Tahoe, we are always available. Also, for convenient launching and retrieval of your boat and access to some other boat services, do get in touch with us. Being able to keep your boat dry in a secure facility within a gated boatyard and 24/7 security surveillance will keep your mind at ease.


boat storage south lake tahoe

Gated boatyard

Our gated boat yard ensures that your boat gets maximum 24/7 security. Rest easy knowing that your boat is in a safe and secure location.

A closed-circuit camera system

This keeps watch over all the boats stored in our facility. The camera system runs round the clock, and it oversees all the activities going on around the boats kept in the yard.

1-acre boat storage yard

Our boat storage yard spans through a ground of 1 acre and can hold 30 boats at a time. Therefore, space is not a problem. The cost of storing your boat per month is $8/foot for Outdoor & $18/foot for Indoor storage. 

Shrinkwrap service available

Our shrinkwrap service ensures that your boat is protected from ice and snow during the cold winter months. It will also make sure your boat is in the best conditions no matter the condition of the weather. Our shrink wrap service costs $25 per foot.

For the best boat storage in Lake Tahoe and for more information about winterization and all other services, contact Lake Tahoe Boat Company at 530-541-2628

Winterization Pricing

Our service begins with a full systems check which, is also done in the summer. Finished by running antifreeze, fuel stabilizer, and fogging oil through the engine. Unplugging hoses, disconnecting batteries, and plugs, draining all excess water in your vessels system ensure a safe winter season.

Outboard – $240

Inboard – $280

Sterndrive (I/O) – $320

* Oil changes and Drive services are offered as well. For your winterization services please call for pricing.*